Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Totally Outrageous 80's

Some people make mixes to impress listeners. Some people make mixes strictly for marketing purposes. Others make mixes to impress other DJs. 

I just make these mixes to give myself something to listen to, or as a reminder of something fun. This is one of those times.  

I went to see The Go-Gos at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga CA on July 7th. I've always had a crush Belinda Carlisle since seeing her rolling in the surf in the Circle In The Sand video (1988?) and I've loved their music forever. They were doing a show with The B-52s... How could I miss that?

The B-52s still doin' it! 

The Go-Gos and B-52s doing Vacation together! 

So when The Go-Gos came on stage, they were announced as "the most successful female rock band of all time", and that got me thinking.. No way? I know they were big in the 80s, but there isn't another band bigger? 

Then as I went through my mental Rolodex of bands, I found there really wasn't. Heart? Maybe, but they aren't really a female band except for the Wilson sisters. Same thing with Joan Jett and Hole.  Pat Benatar, Lita Ford, Bonnie Tyler... Solo females with great careers, not a band. The Bangles could be touted, but they weren't as big as The Go-Gos. 

So once I had all these artists swirling around my head, I decided to make a mix of them all, but keep it in the 80s. 

The Go-Gos, Benatar, and Jett were obvious. Lita Ford, Laura Branigan not so much. I tried to round it off with Berlin (another 80s crush of mine... Terri Nunn), Cyndi Lauper and Blondie. 

I really wanted to include Heart, but by the 80's most of their hits were power ballads, and didn't fit. I wanted to keep a harder edge, more guitar-driven feel to the mix. Really show how these ladies rocked! 

And I knew I wanted Scandal's GoodBye To You to end it. Patti Smyth's voice was gonna take this mix home. 

The Jem artwork I found when searching for some 80s Women In Rock imagery, and once I had the artwork I had the title. 

Jem & The Holograms were truly outrageous!

This is just a bit on insight into how my mixes come together. They aren't just haphazardly thrown together, I actually put some thought into them, even if they are mostly just for me. 

As always, thanks to the mighty Mixcrate for being the canvas upon which I rest my art. 

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